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Nordkapp Enduro 805 - centre console boat

164 views March 15, 2024

Scandinavian luxury meets raw power in the centre console boat Enduro 805. Find out why it's one...


Tour Nordkapp stand and of Boot 2024 with Jelly

99 views February 01, 2024

Jelly visited the Nordkapp Boats stand area at the Boot 2024 in Düsseldorf, Germany. Join us for...


This is Nordkapp Airborne 6.3 RIB

215 views January 10, 2024

Inheriting features and solutions from its bigger brothers, the Airborne 6.3 is an agile RIB with...


Nordkapp Coupe 830-World-Premiere

5,125 views September 27, 2023

Designed, and crafted for the unexpected. When the elements turn turbulent, the Coupe 830...


Orust Marin x Nordkapp.mp4

66 views August 18, 2023

Orust Marin Center AB is the largest Nordkapp dealership on the Swedish west coast. Here you find...



485 views July 06, 2023

Midsummer by Boat: The Nordkapp Enduro 605 Follow us on a midsummer adventure as we explore the...


Nordkapp Airborne 7 Product walkthrough

394 views March 07, 2023

The Nordkapp Airborne 7 is a versatile and innovative RIB, with a high level of available...


Why we chose the Gran Coupe 905 - boating in...

636 views March 02, 2023

Boating in Stockholm is a beautiful experience, especially during the summer with all the amazing...


This is Nordkapp Avant 705 Bowrider

414 views March 02, 2023

The Nordkapp Avant 705 bowrider is a highly sporty and driver friendly bowrider. Its 24 degree...


This is Nordkapp Gran Coupe 905 - 29 feet...

6,386 views January 09, 2023

The Nordkapp Gran Coupe 905 is a 29 feet wheelhouse boat, well suited for roundyear use. Its...