The Perfect Summer Morning

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Discover the Enduro 805 T-top. Embrace serenity and adventure this weekend as you join us on a...


Reawakening Summer

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Not much comes close to uncovering your boat after a long winter. Most people would consider...


The Norway Special

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In our latest video, discover the roots of Nordkapp's innovation. Learn how Norway's unique...


Tips for Launching Your Boat

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Nordkapp Enduro 805 - centre console boat

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Nordkapp from a logistics POV

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Nordkapp Enduro 805 at sea

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Lyngen Aurora Borealis

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Tour Nordkapp stand and of Boot 2024 with Jelly

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Jelly visited the Nordkapp Boats stand area at the Boot 2024 in Düsseldorf, Germany. Join us for...